Infratur as we call it for short is a legally established Mexican corporation founded in 1979 with no tax  or fiscal encumbrances or debentures with no liabilities or legal problems with the land registered in seven different chapters in the Public Register Office of the State of Guerrero located in Zihuatanejo Port.

The official appraisal issued by the authorities of the Attorney Office of the  Guerrero. State covers the property of more than 10 different lots with deeds issued by Notary Public and the value of the land at the time of the appraisal is more that 120 million dollars. A subsequent letter issued by the signer states that an increase of 10% of said value could be added to the original amount to cover the ten year span since then. An actualized apraisal made by Cusman and Wakefield of the vacant land without project and permits is 36 millons dollars. An avarage value should be considered for the development of the BAHIAMAR VILLAS, GOLF, TENNIS AND MARINA PROJECT.

The company is actually operated under a board of directors being the principals the  

                          President of the Board  Mr. Ed. Villareal Cueva
                          Secretary of the Board   Mr. Angel Diaz Ahedo
                          Treasurer  of the Board  Mr. Jorge Diaz Farfan

Having all the powers of attorney invested on the president chair, Mr. Villareal has for the last 30 years administered the company assets multiplying them many times fold in such a way that the company is worth the stated amount or possibly  more and so far all the improvements of assets have been successfully made with private funding in such a way that it was not necessary to fall in any kind of encumbrances, attachments of debts or liabilities since no credits from banks or institutions was necessary so far.

An actualized balance sheet signed by the company comptroller Mr. Dario Miranda, a certified public accountant can also be obtained when applied formally for it so the prospects of this purchase can have it to evaluate the financial, fiscal and economical situation of the company.

Our representative and partner in the U.S.A. is Mr. Jack Vandeveld of  Chicago who has all the information about the project in his office . (Check CONTACT US page)